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Whore, Sexworker, Harlot, Camgirl, Hooker, Pornstar, Stripper, Dominatrix, Strumpet... whatever name you prefer, Siouxsie's podcast, The WhoreCast, strives to humanize people in the sex industry. The WhoreCast provides a glimpse into her world of sexwork by sharing the stories, art, and voices of sexworkers and other guests, such as Madison Young, Kelly Shibari, Maggie Mayhem, Ariel Rebel, Courtney Trouble, Lexi Bell, Adahlia, Annie Sprinkle, Jack Hammer, Mistress Matisse, Ira Glass, and more. Siouxsie also reports news on sex worker rights activism, decriminalization, harm reduction, anti-trafficking, slut-shaming and stigma, and media portrayals of sex workers and sex work. While tackling issues from politics to comic books, Siouxsie will charm her way into your heart.