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The WhoreCast - A podcast with Siouxsie Q. Sharing stories, art, and voices of American sex workers.

Ella Nova Talks Harry Potter Prequel AND Sam Solo’s Game Of Thrones Nano Recap

Game Of Thrones is back! Just time fora tiny little recap this week with Sam Solo but don’t worry the deep lore is coming. We are also very excited to welcome porn star and Harry Potter super fan Ella Nova to the podcast. We discuss the film Magical Beasts And Where To Find Them and […]

Winter Came To The Box Office, GOT Season 6 Excitement, and Rogue One Trailer Reaction

Siouxsie and Sam emerge to discuss the awesome movies they saw this winter (Deadpool, The Witch, and Zootopia), revel in Batman V Superman schadenfreude, and check in on the Game Of Thrones hypetrain. Plus Daredevil fails the Bechdel Test for two straight seasons, meeting Kylo Ren, and sampling Men’s Rights Activist tears over Rogue One […]

Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Take Over Plus Sam and Siouxsie’s thoughts On David Bowie

Sam and Siouxsie briefly touch on the future of Game Of Thrones before launching into a round of hot-or-not featuring the invasion of new sci-fi/fantasy shows coming out this year. From new DC and Marvel properties to swords and sorcerers on MTV there is just too much nerdery about to hit the internet tubes. The […]

The Whorecast Network Reviews 2015 With Tina Horn Part 1

2016 is here and On Your Face pod is back! We kick off the new year with a podcasting threeway as Sam and Siouxsie welcome Tina Horn of Why are People Into That podcast. The three of us look back at sex and sex work in 2015 from Ashley Madison to Jessica Jones and preview […]

The Podcast Awakens

Siouxsie and Sam strike back with a Star Wars reaction pod! In addition to gushing about Episode VII they also make an announcement about the future of On Your Face podcast. Full spoilers ahead.

Hardhome and Dance of Dragons

This week we are catching up and doing a double feature

“The Gift”

We won’t lie. The luster is gone. Part of why Sam and Siouxsie felt compelled to make this podcast is because the show seemed like it was doing something really special, and the original source material was so rich that we wanted to bring that information to people. However, the HBO series seems to be […]

Jumping the Shark

Episode 6 has caused Sam Solo to have a full on crisis of fan faith and Siouxsie Q isn’t feeling too much more confident about the direction HBO is steering the ship. How much more forced Bronn/Jaime bromance and rampant Stark abuse can they take?

Kill the Boy aka Dinner with the Boltons

Better late than never. This week Siouxsie Q of The WhoreCast Podcast and Sam Solo of change it up. For “Kill the Boy” Season 5 Episode 5, Sam and Siouxsie focus only on dinner with Ramsay’s and how Sansa Stark is totally off book and the differences in khaleesi’s marriage proposal. No worries, coverage […]

Sons of the Harpy

This week #TheSonsOfTheHarpy face off against Ser Granpa The Bold, Jon Snow gets another reminder of his universal ignorance and homophobia reigns in Kings Landing. Plus the pop quiz and power ranking from Siouxsie Q.