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Kimberly Cline On New Decrim Legislation In Hawaii


Kimberly Cline gives Siouxsie Q the latest on multiple sex worker rights relevant bills currently working their way through the Hawaiian state house. This is a rapidly developing situation with big implications for the movement and Whorecast listeners are really need to lend their voices on this one.

Find out more about the decriminalization movement in Hawaii at

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Call Hawaii Rep. Scott Nishimoto

Chair House District 21 Room 421


Request a hearing in the Judiciary Committee for HB 1533, say you are a worker/advocate/ally from wherever you are from who supports HB1533, as well as HB1532 and SB264.

Stage names are okay to use! It only takes 30 seconds, please do this before next Friday! Let's get HB1533 into committee THIS YEAR! We've waited long enough.