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The WhoreCast - A podcast with Siouxsie Q. Sharing stories, art, and voices of American sex workers.

Episode 038:

Kicked Out: Crowdsourcing Shows Its Bias


It seems like everyone has a Kickstarter campaign these days.

Whether it's my cousin's fringe-festival play, or a friend's memoir about sex parties, it seems I can't log on to Facebook to stalk an ex-girlfriend without being hustled for a donation by someone from my past. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the crowdfunding revolution. Crowdfunding campaigns have helped offbeat businesses get off the ground and even paid the hospital bills of cancer patients — it's laughing in the face of the recession and reimagining the way we engage with the online economy.

Indie rock star Amanda Palmer's Kickstarter campaign cashed out at more than $1 million to fund her latest album and tour. In a post-Napster industry, artists have turned to crowdfunding to gain direct access to fans' dollars.

So why am I not flooding the world's Facebook feed with campaigns funding Star Trek porn parodies? Because sex workers aren't invited to the crowdfunding party. Cam girls, strippers, escorts, and porn stars all face exclusion, scrutiny, and sometimes theft from crowdfunding organizations.