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The WhoreCast - A podcast with Siouxsie Q. Sharing stories, art, and voices of American sex workers.

Episode 069

Jade Thunderstorm & Vignette Velo


This week Siouxsie Q interviews two amazing sexworkers based out of the Seattle area in our continued coverage of SWOP Seattle, Jade Thunderstorm and Vignette Velo:

Jade Thunderstorm is a sex witch inspired by the animalistic desires of human beings. She believes in the revolutionary power of sex work as a practice that enables people to fully live in their earthly vessels. She believes that true freedom begins with bodily autonomy and that sex workers are at intersection of this revolution. As a long time zine writer Jade has begun penning and compiling her personal experiences and political thoughts about working in the sex industry into a zine, Puta, a zine for sex workers and their accomplices. Along with being a writer she is an advocate for harm reduction resources, a mixed media collage artist, tarot novice, scumbag feminist, lifestyle sadist, gardener, nature lover and observer.
You can find her at or if you are interested in Puta zine email

Vignette Velo is an artist, sex worker and recovering mime. A recent resident of Seattle by way of Boston, she has been thrilled to dive into the ever-babely sex worker activist community through SWOP Seattle. She considers her kink and sex work an extension of her art and is thrilled to have found a job in the arts that actually pays!