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The WhoreCast - A podcast with Siouxsie Q. Sharing stories, art, and voices of American sex workers.

Episode 032:

The Slixa Girls take on The XBiz Awards


It may be a few hours late but without fail; this week, on The WhoreCast: Siouxsie Q leaves Jesse at home as she ventures south to the land of LA.  There she joins forces with Donia Love and the Slixa Girls as they help the Xbiz Awards challenge stigma by nominating a personal companion website for most progressive website of the year.  Siouxsie’s Journey takes her on an Oz like adventure where banding together with her fellow companions to overcome dangers. (Spoiler Alert) There is no magical wizard at the end of this fairy tale to deal out hearts, minds and courage.  Not for Siouxsie Q! Her and the Slixa girls draw their power from fake eyelashes, Feline friends and the bonds of their friendship.  Not this is not another Brony episode this is The WhoreCast 32 the The Slixa Girls take Xbiz Awards 2014.