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The WhoreCast - A podcast with Siouxsie Q. Sharing stories, art, and voices of American sex workers.

Episode 015:

Best of The Bay 2013!!


Missing our deadline and making everyone wait for Episode 15 will be well worth the podcast blue balls. In this episode WhoreCast is named SF Weekly Best of The Bay! Booyah!
Siouxsie and Jesse do a WhoreCast LIVE recap. Behind the scenes at Sex Worker Film and Arts Fest! Amber Dawn on keeping money in your hair and saving lives with poetry. And...Jesse's man tears.
This episode made possible by The Crash Pad Series, The Center for Sex and Culture, The Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival,

Music in this episode brought to you by: Unwoman "A Poison Tree" and of course, Kim Boekbinder with "Tinkerbell"

Thanks to the WhoreCast team: Chris Lowrance, Sin Scarlett, Donnie Service, LadyFace, and our brand new intern Joey Minxxx!