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Episode 044

Axel Braun


With titles like Hung Wankenstein, Pulp Friction, and my personal favorite, Edward Penis-Hands (I laugh every single time), the genre of porn parody has lived comfortably in the realm of comedy for years. But there's nothing funny about how much I want to see a threesome between Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia; I take that very seriously. Luckily, Axel Braun, the director of the recent Star Wars XXX: a porn parody from Vivid Entertainment, takes that seriously too. With a budget the size of Ron Jeremy's junk (the biggest budget in the history of porn, according to Braun), this porno flick has been better received by die-hard Star Wars fans than The Phantom Menace ever was. Braun claims he only parodies source material that he "has a strong emotional connection to," and Star Wars XXX certainly feels like porn made by and for fans, with earnest attention paid to details like line inflection and costumes that mirror the original film with incredible accuracy. For many fans, those details matter.


Winter is Coming on Your Face: Art of the Porn Parody by Siouxse Q

Wet Dream of Thrones Directed by Siouxse Q Staring Ella Nova, Sam Solo  Featuring Penny Barber