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Andre Shakti Launches Weekly Advice Column “I Am Poly & So Can You”


‘Polyamory Pundit’ Andre Shakti Launches Weekly Advice Column “I Am Poly & So Can You” & Accompanying Patreon Exclusive to Addressing Non-Monogamous Relationships at
 According to an August 2015 poll by​ ​YouGov​, only one in four U.S. adults believe that polyamory is “morally acceptable.” The majority - 56% - believe that polyamorous relationships are “morally wrong,” and 18% aren’t sure. Such high levels of public disapproval help explain why many individuals in unconventional relationships say that dealing with social stigma is one of the biggest problems of alternative intimate relationships. This stigma is directly responsible for the disgraceful lack of representation and information around non-monogamy in our country, and it continues to pervasively harm us and our relationships with others. will provide we​ekly interactive counsel to folks with a wide variety of polyamory-related quandries, and will prioritize intersectionality, inclusivity, and accessibility throughout the platform. To keep the unique column up and running, Andre has set up a corresponding ​Patreon account with a monthly goal of $1,000.00 to assist her in maintaining the​ website, compensating her for her unpaid coaching and counseling hours, and supporting her livelihood as she continues to revolutionize the cultural conversation around sex work through
her persistent writing, performance, and activism efforts.