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SEASON TWO FINALE REWATCH: Blackwater & Valar Morghulis + DVD Extra’s


Siouxsie Q is off in Portland this week working on her new play about sex robots, so Sam invited HBO's "Looking" star Neeah Ching to guest host. Neeah is a social media superstar and a fabulous femme nerd with a ton of hilarious opinions on the world of Westeros.

As season two comes to an end, Cercys' alcoholism is at an all time high, and everyone here at the podcast is pretty concerned about the meanest MILF in the Seven Kingdoms. Tensions are high as we head into the Battle of Blackwater, and while Tyrion gives one of the most amazing pre-battle speeches ever, elsewhere Theon continues to be the dumbest cunt alive.

Also in this episode: The Red Wedding, and SQ's review of the Game of Thrones DVD extras!